lundi 29 septembre 2014

How to sell in China ?

How to sell in China ?

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Market research

Market research is a necessity to set up business in China. This study should be made ​​here in China with our experience and that of our Chinese services. From this study we can give you our opinion on the possibility of exporting your product or services in China. Of course there are areas such as luxury food products, wine, innovative products, restoration, some services that are "carriers" in the Chinese market, however, we have often been surprised at the reaction of our consultants Chinese on certain types of products ...
It is nevertheless true that China is open to consumption and the tank of people "large purchasing power" increases exponentially in China. There would in 2012 almost 1 million millionaires in USD! Some studies even show that China could dethrone in consumption the United States in 2020 (Study Credit Suisse). Some brands of German "big guns" have fully integrated the Chinese market for these brands is their first world market BEFORE Germany! Francophone countries have an immense growth driver provided you follow the typical Chinese cultural and ride the good image that the Chinese have some of our products. Rely on experience
China A marketing strategy is essential adapted to Chinese culture To think marketing in China, we must first remember how you maketer your products in the West. Here, the offers of goods, services or ideas must be managed according to Chinese motivations CONSUMERS and typical segmentation of China. Many brands wishing to operate in China "on-the-hurry" were cruel disillusionment. A serious marketing study with precise targeting is imperative.

The preparation of concrete solutions, partnerships

Doing Business in China is no more difficult than in the West, it's just very different. Treat China as any Western market is going to fail. Some brands have understood and skillfully use the behavior of both consumers and buyers to successfully build partnerships and to break into the Chinese market. CHINA SERVICE offers his help to study and implement a Chinese concrete implementation.
3) The importance of Guanxis China (relational)
After the product and marketing, it is vital concept to be integrated sil we want to do business in China: "Guanxi" or relational. This notion in the business in China really different from anywhere else in the world. Here a good personal relationship with the client or even the buyer often means is essential. Not understanding this "cultural" Chinese concept is to miss the number of cases, or even never succeed in business in China.

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