lundi 1 juillet 2013


« The large distribution in China entered a new stage of development » assures Guo Geping, the president of the association of chains and franchising of China, in the columns of Caixin Century. « Rules, structure and environment of the market must be reconsidered. "

The actors of the sector have to adapt themselves to a new situation, where the competition is aggravated and the increasing operating costs rapids, adds Guo Geping. The big foreign groups have other solution no than to adjust their strategy. Li Ling, a public relations manager of Wal-Mart so explains to the weekly on which the company decided to concentrate on the improvement of the quality in its stores ready more than on the opening of new points of sale. The group also plans to dash into the e-commerce, rapidly expanding in China.

For example, Wal-Mart plans the opportunity to acquire 51 % of the e-supermarket The Store and that its platform of on-line sale would be taken for a trial period at present. The Chinese distributors already ready quarrel ardently the market with cost of price war and easy terms. « We do not know to what extent the foreign companies will be capable of competing. », concludes Caixin Century with a note of pessimism.

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