dimanche 8 novembre 2015

French Wines in China a new eldorado ?

The Chinese seem to have beaten the French at one of their own favorite pastimes - quaffing red wine. China's drinkers repelled 1.86 billion bottles of red wine last year, an increase of 136% over five years, making the country the largest market for red wine. However, some experts say the boom, which led to the increased interest of Chinese buyers in the French vineyards, is more a matter of cultural sensitivities than to taste.

Red color = Lucky 

The color red is considered lucky in China and is also affiliated with the Communist government, while white is associated with death and is mainly seen at the funeral.
France, where consumption of red wine is down, was in second place in this league, followed by Italy, according to latest figures compiled by the London-based company, International Wine and Spirit Research.
The United States remains the largest market in the world for all the colors of wine, said Vinexpo, the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce of the organization that commissioned the study.


"Apart from the health aspect in comparison to the excessive consumption of rice wine, red wine success [in China] is largely the symbolism of color," said a spokesman of Vinexpo. "Red is a very positive color in Chinese culture and is synonymous with wealth, power and luck. In the corporate world these three values ​​are fundamental, so red wine is often found in banquets to seal partnerships. And red is also the color of China ".
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Posted by The French Cellar China on Sunday, November 1, 2015