mardi 17 août 2021

The ice cream market in China

 IceCream market in China 

The ice cream market in China

The market studied: Ice cream in the world

Spared by the crisis, the ice cream market continues to grow, particularly in its strong segments, and intends to continue in 2012 its winning recipes focused on innovation and communication.

This mature market sees two giants with an international dimension clash: Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch company, owns brands like Walls and Miko and the Swiss giant Nestlé Häagen Dazs, Dreyer’s… etc, both from Western Europe. Each is implementing an international strategy to establish itself in local markets.

The world ice cream market is very contrasted depending on the country, the diversity of situations stems from two important factors: the eating habits and the standard of living of the populations.

In some regions of the world, most of the consumption takes place outside the home (in some Asian countries), operators are manufacturers and distributors of the product with franchised chains of specialized fast food restaurants or street vendors.

Every second in the world we produce and consume 412 liters of ice cream. This represents 13 billion liters of ice cream tasted per year worldwide.

The biggest consumers of ice cream are: - New Zealand with a consumption of 27 liters per year per capita