lundi 12 novembre 2018

Jd is the New Etail that win the double 11 with 23Billion Sales

Although Alibaba achieved more than $ 30.8 billion in sales for the Double 11 event of November 11, 2018, the real winner was According to their website, they spent about $ 23 billion.
JD and Alibaba have made the biggest retail event now a retail show in Asia. The volume of transactions on reached a record 159.8 billion RMB (about 23 billion US dollars) from November 1 to 11. While Alibaba focuses on the Single Day, JD organizes an event of days on and reaches almost the same level. source 

While the press reports Alibaba's success with its "New Retail", including technologies ranging from artificial intelligence to data center cooling, to automatic reading, blockchain and the impressive number of physical stores JD shows all its potential to evolve in the long term globally. In time, in the world of trade, the delivery of the final kilometer is one of the insights of consumer consent. Amazon understands this, offering free delivery to non-core members in this holiday season. notes This year, the global brands as Apple, Dell, Dyson, L'Oreal, SK-II, Pampers and many others have recorded impressive sales performance. JD has partnered with companies such as Walmart and Tencent, allowing it to focus now on global growth and even create a sales funnel in America. It's good that you've never heard of JD, but it's the second largest e-commerce retailer in China, where it matters most. source seoagent
JD saw single-day sales increase 27 percent year-over-year. The last two years, which impressed me the most, is the growth of JD, which has doubled its number 11. Alibaba was sort of a given, with sales about six times higher than the event Amazon's "Prime Day" held every July. Alibaba has a long history and Asia is a denser part of the world in terms of consumption. But JD, nobody really saw that coming. If Amazon is to be associated with Walmart and Target, but Google, the largest market in the e-commerce market even more in China. This is pushing Chinese technology companies to innovate.
So where are the JD numbers? Well, the 2018 figures are up 26% from last year, with 127.1 billion RMB registered at GMV, worth more than $ 19.14 billion. To make it clear, he increased sales by almost $ 4 billion. Even with a weaker Chinese yuan, a trade war, Chinese consumers are still pretty confident. I am quite doubtful that Western consumers were using the optimistic holiday season. At least Amazon and Apple project different stories.
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