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3main challenges for Food Distribution in China

It is particularly advisable for food companies to sell their food and beverage products in China through distributors and resellers. China's food safety regulations, import laws, and food and beverage distribution systems can be extremely complex, and someone like will probably be better able to navigate these countries in China.

2 very nice video about Food Distribution in China 

E-Commerce for food e Distribution in China

But it's more than just saying "yes" to a company like to sell your food or drinks in China. Even if you end up using an established Chinese food or beverage distributor for your products, you must at least do the following:

A Chinese Food Distributor 

With a portfolio of over 60 International leading brands from 10 countries, we supply international and local retail chains, Supermarket, Specialized imported Store Chains, and online e-Commerce platforms, top hotels, restaurants. We are an agent for importing goods to China.

Food Distribution 

Make sure your agreement with your distributor / reseller protects your reputation in China and elsewhere. Make sure your contract does not bind you to your distributor or reseller if sales are poor. Be sure to protect your intellectual property (especially your trademarks) from both your distributor / reseller and from China and elsewhere. For many US food and beverage companies, relationships with companies such as are perfectly logical, as long as they are well done. Many people wonder why food imports have increased significantly in China in recent years.

Many know that the middle class is growing rapidly. With a population of about 1.4 billion people, it is natural for a large part of the population to tend to appreciate foreign products over time, along with the increase in wealth.

Food Problems in China 

Food Safety

Add to that the food scandals that China has experienced in recent years, even deaths. With (almost) everyone walking around with 24/7 internet access, this information is spreading rapidly.

In simple terms: Chinese people have become more critical and suspicious, which has led more people to look for products to buy abroad.

The Chinese younger generation takes over imported Food 

In addition, young and middle-aged people have begun to appreciate foreign food. If you go for Friday dinner, your friends may ask you if you're ready to dine at the nearby Yakiniku Japanese restaurant, or if you have American mini-burgers.

The trend is changing in China, offering great opportunities for foreign exporters.

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