dimanche 30 janvier 2022

Apple's market share in China


According to Counterpoint Research, Apple's fourth quarter market share in China was its highest ever. It was also the top-selling seller there for the first six years.

This milestone was achieved with the iPhone 13's release. Despite a stagnant market for handsets, Huawei Technologies' market share fell.

Apple's smartphone market share grew to 23 percent, which is a record for the company. Counterpoint reports that Apple's quarter-end unit sales volume increased by 32 percent year-on-year, while total smartphone sales fell by 9 percentage points in China. source

Mengmeng Zhang, Counterpoint analyst, cited China's lower starting prices and the effect of US sanctions on Huawei, Apple’s main competitor, as contributing factors.

Apple was China's most-sold smartphone brand when it last ranked in the top ten in China in late 2015. This was just after Apple launched its iPhone 6 which attracted Chinese consumers due to its large screens.

Apple was China's third-best-selling smartphone brand in 2021 with 16.3% of the market.

Vivo and Oppo were two Android handset brands that fall under the private BBK Electronics umbrella. They were ranked first and second, respectively, with 22% and 21%, respectively.

Apple's unit sales increased by 47 percent year-on-year, while Huawei's fell 68%. Counterpoint reports that overall smartphone sales in China dropped 2 percent.

Apple know the secret to be successful in China 

As consumers put off purchasing new smartphones, Chinese smartphone manufacturers are faced with a dilemma: extending upgrade cycles.

Global shortages of components and chips have meanwhile roiled the electronics industry, affecting margins and pricing for all manufacturers.

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