samedi 26 mai 2018

WeChat , a new way to distribute your Product in China

WeChat , a new way to distribute your Product in China

You want to sell in China, WeChat is the New Taobao, and help Brand to sell in China...

China , a Changing Tech Country 

In China, the country's technology giants cut the industry down according to their respective strengths: Tencent claimed gambling and social networking, while Alibaba made e-commerce its a smart way to do Business. explain nic working in Tencent China

But as Tencent's Superapp WeChat is considering the growth of payments and offline services, the company is venturing into the retail business - traditionally Alibaba turf.

WeChat E-Commerce ..

In particular, WeChat mini-programs offer stores new ways to sell products, such as bundles that are facilitated by newsgroups. Integrated within WeChat, the mini-programs are lightweight applications that do not need to be installed, and can range from attraction and food delivery to livestreaming and shopping. And thanks to the massive social network of the app, brands and shops on WeChat can potentially tap into its 980 million monthly active users.
Since their launch last year, 580,000 mini-programs have been launched on WeChat. They have a total of 170 million active users a day, according to Tencent.

“Following WeChat’s big push for mini programs, you can see that more and more stores, brands, and platforms are setting up shop on WeChat, because they benefit from WeChat’s large user base and social sharing functions,” Mo Jia, an analyst at market research firm Canalys, tells Tech in Asia.

Social Commerce in China

Although Tencent's first attempt at e-commerce - an online bazaar called Paipai - was closed in 2015, the Shenzhen-based technology giant remained an active investor, choosing to support e-commerce companies instead of engaging directly. Today, many of these investments have become important e-commerce centers within the WeChat ecosystem.
For example, Pinduoduo, backed by Tencent, has integrated its entire e-commerce platform into WeChat. Start-up benefits from each user's social network by offering discounts for group purchases. A box of diapers can cost US $ 6 if you buy it alone - the price drops to around US $ 4 if you tie up with other friends.

WeChat Advertising & Mini PRogram 

WeChat advertising is pretty expensive and not sure about ROI, you can find a Guide here

You will notice that the mini-programs that suit WeChat [...] will be able to quickly expand their customer base, "said Chen Qi, CEO of online fashion company Meili United Group, at WeChat's annual conference. Monday. For example, group buying and livestreaming - where influential bloggers or celebrities talk about products they like - can bring new traffic, he explained.
Tencent is also an investor in Meili United Group, a company created from the 2016 merger of start-up ecommerce companies Meilishuo and Mogujie. According to Meili, the company has attracted 20 million new customers since the launch of its mini-program last summer

New WeChat plan 2018 

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