mercredi 9 décembre 2015

Distribution challenges for 11.11 famous in China

Some data on this great event that shakes the international logistics codes

The very large Chinese distribution network sometimes suffers difficulties when orders are too numerous and particularly during periods of large crowds.
It can be seen that the largest Chinese online vendors will soon provide logistical last cries to allow platforms to meet the demands sometimes exceeding the billion order and orchestrate optimally classical supply chain.

Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings, who recorded this year respectively 278 million and 14 million orders.
When the group in her face a tenfold level control only for the single day of 11 .. and answered by the massive recruitment of nearly 1.7 million people, both in delivery and in the order management in line.

Ben Wang CTO Cainiao has also said. "The massive number of delivery orders generated by this great online shopping event we and our delivery partners really pushes to do our best."

The Alibaba group to give a complete example to over 9 billion of gross merchandise November 11, having for occasion make disappear Radar another commercial scale event (the Cyber Monday in the US) that have generated as compared $ 2.4 billion

The major challenges of delivery orders

The scale problem is the delivery of huge quantities of packages ordered on many e-commerce partners. Deliveries are doing mostly abroad Cainiao the group get many of the support of international distribution partners have established 16 dedicated global delivery routes and 74 warehouses.
The online business model since its advent many adaptations necessity in the area of logistics and transport because it especially found bottlenecks in import gateways of China during these particular periods.
Paul Mad, one of the regional leaders of APL Logistics to further indicated "Millions of small packages to be delivered within a week after that day, and I've seen pictures of the huge pile of packages that are on hold for the delivery » .

Finally to remedy that Beijing has set up temporary storage warehouses and free trade zones expedited clearance in seven Chinese cities for e-commerce.


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