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Clothes distribution in China

The markets of the big consumption

Companies supply the large-scale distribution with products which is going to sell them to the consumers. They are daily consumer goods for the majority. For example, we find farm-produce products but also a lot of care and hygiene there, and the domestic equipment …

The sector of clothes distribution in China

Since the launch from 1978 of the big economic reform in People's Republic of China, the sector of the distribution is reborn such a phoenix of ashes of its existence previous to the Communist Revolution. During the first year of liberalization of the retail sale in 1978, a million private shops opened their doors. From 1992, the number of shops deprived in China had multiplied tenfold. The Same year, the turnover realized by the Chinese retail dealers exceeded billion yuan one thousand. In 1995, the retail sales will have doubled by exceeding two billion yuan thousand and a new doubling of this figure is foreseen for the year 2000. The real increase of the turnover retail in 1995 with regard to 1994 was 10 %.

Western clothes distribution in China

The western products exercise a powerful force of attraction on the Chinese consumers. The successes of Avon, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, Benetton, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Maxim, Pabst, Peugeot, Chrysler and many others else are indisputable.
The French distribution supported strongly by all the professional and public authorities well plans to exploit the Chinese potential. The spring opened in June, 1995 a five-storeyed shop in Shanghai engaging at least hundred and fifty million francs in the only renovation of the building. 6 The opening of two other shops, to Dalian and to Chengdu, is scheduled for 1996, the shop of Beijing that must open in 1997.

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