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The big problems of the distribution in China

The big problems of the distribution in China 

Container manufacturers , ports and logistics companies have been pouring millions of dollars into the development of cold chain facilities to meet the expected demand for fresh produce and seafood demand as the global economy recovers .

Logistic in China is always a problem

Poor local distribution on the continent , however, could affect shippers' access to consumers in the world 's second largest economy , traders said .
While officials of the box as Singamas Container aim to double the sales of their special containers , including refrigerated those over the next two to three years, and port and logistics business operators to enhance supply chain to ensure the free movement of fresh produce , problems arise when he leaves cold storage .

Fresh Products

Very few trucks on the continent are equipped to supply chilled, so most of the fresh produce containers are not kept in a regulated on its way to market " atmosphere , said Kurt Huang, general manager of Shanghai Freight Hongshen forwarding. "Even with those [ who are equipped ] , there are unscrupulous drivers Turn off the power during the journey to save fuel , inflicting heavy losses on the owners of the cargo. "
If the trip was short , the damage was limited , Huang said, but an inspection by quarantine officers and personalized - which may leave sensitive goods exposed for days - more accustomed to certain wholesalers continent leaving boxes of perishable goods under the sun added to the toll and the goods would then spend several hours travel retailer in improper condition . China !

Jiang Zhangjie , a fruit importer based Anhui , said a growing number of new inexperienced operators in the business and the lack of a distribution network meant regulated product quality is at risk of being compromised . "Many of these newcomers just want to make money quickly ," said Jiang. " They did not invest in the future because it increase the price of their products and reduce their competitiveness. "

While Asian fresh produce exports fell nearly 6 percent to $ 18.6 billion U.S. last year , according to the United Nations , Asian imports jumped 12 percent to 28 billion U.S. dollars, the China accounting for nearly 70 percent of the increase, followed by Japan , South Korea , Thailand and India. via

Transportation problems

Although the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts a decline of $ 2 billion in the value of U.S. agricultural exports to China next year , analysts believe the strengthening of trade links between China and the emerging economies , creating over free trade zones and higher wages will continue to support the country's demand .
Anthony Wong Foo Wah , former chairman of the Hong Kong Logistics Association , said he wanted to bring the logistics know-how and expertise of the city in the continent by setting up an area of ​​chain cold in every major provinces - which involves the storage , packaging, distribution and even a wholesale market - but he said the shortage of land was as much a problem again in Hong Kong. source

"Municipal governments while their reserve land for projects such as residential developments , shopping centers and hotels because they are money - spinners that generate quick income for them . We have a low priority

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