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Real Estate Websites in China

Real Estate Websites in China

The real estate market in China has become mature in a very short period of time. The internet has developed from very basic websites to sophisticated platforms in less than 10 years and the country might very well be ahead of other economies regarding that matter. 

There is still several categories of websites adversiting real estate in China. 

Chinese agencies websites

The first categories of websites where you can find real estate classifieds are the real estate websites of real estate agencies. These websites are definitely designed for Chinese customers and most of them do not even have english (or an other foreign language) versions. These are the oldest type of real estate websites in China and reflect the property portofolio of the companies, you can have a look on websites such as «  Wo Ai Wo Jia » or «  Century 21 China ». 


Real Estate classifieds on Expat websites

A disctinct category of websites that include real estate classifieds are the websites designed for foreigners such as the Beijinger, the Shanghaiist or City Week End
These websites are very specific and deal with classified aimed at foreigners. They are used by foreigners and are favoured by Chinese Real Estate agencies and landlords because of their preference for foreign tenants who have the reputation of behaving better with the apartments. Still, this is a marginal category.


Relocation Agencies Real Estate Websites.

For example, have a look on the Scout Real Estate Beijing website. These agencies have a niche market : the expatriates in Chinese large cities. Their websites are interesting to compare with Chinese websites because of their very different design, that looks clearer to westerners when Chinese websites have information scattered all over the screen. These sites are interesting as well because they select the most presigious compounds in China large cities, faithfully reflecting the market structure in China with a high grade real estate market limited to a few residences in prestigious city landmarks. With Chinese real estate market becoming more mature, this might evolve in the future but it is still a limited market.

Real Estate platforms, the Soufun success story

With Chinese real estate distribution network being more and more online, a new kind of website has emerged, the most inconic being Soufun. This is a very impressive platform with an open architecture, where agencies, landlords, developers and customers can register and interact, making it the most reliable source of real estate data in China. This is top notch website with a very modern interface, that proves how much the Chinese real estate websites have evolved in such a short period of time.

A new category : Chinese real estate websites for overseas properties

With Chinese real estate developemnt, Chinese investors want to diversify their portfolio or more simply set a foot outside China. This is a rising phenomenon illsutrated by the success of Juwai,  a website dedicated to properties overseas, with precise explanations about the areas where they are about to invest. This is a great success and responds to a clear need of Chinese customers.

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