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Distribution of the Lobster Project in China

Distribution of the Lobster Project in China

Desk research about the lobster advertising in China

Nowadays, more and more people like eating lobsters because of its high protein, and the distributors and other concerned people are paying more attention to the lobster advertising. Therefore, I will analyze the lobster advertising case from the following parts: television advertisements,digital marketing, billboard advertisements and theme activities.

Distribution in China

Television Advertisements:

Ø  Actualities:
There are a lot of restaurants and hotels selling lobsters, however, I can’t find many television advertisements about lobsters. I only find that commercials about the Tenth Session of XuyiInternational Lobster Festival in China were played on CCTV1 and News Channel.
Ø  Analysis:
There are few television advertisements about lobsters. Nowadays, the number of people that are watching TV is decreasing and the aged who generally have retired are the main part. However, the main consumer group about lobsters is income generation.Also, the advertising expenses are high.I think the reason why there is low number of television advertisements about lobsters is that there aren’t many beneficiaries and the pay is not proportional to the income.

Digital Marketing:

Ø  Actualities:
F  There are a lot of electricity companies and websites advertising and selling lobsters, such as jd(, taobao, alibaba and yhd(yihaodian), and they also promoting lobsters to increase its sales and popularity.
F  There are many passages and blogs online telling the benefits of eating lobsters.
F  A lot of merchants advertise their lobster menus on the group buying sites such as nuomi, wechat and dazhongdianping, and use the deals to attract customers.
F  Some merchants advertise their lobsters on the TV show pages online to get more attention.
F  They advertise all kinds of lobsters especially those imported from abroad.


There are various digital marketing ways to advertise lobsters and a large number of merchants are willing to advertise their lobsters on the Internet. On one hand, adults and teenagers are more likely to surf the Internet, on the other hand, the advertising expense on the Internet is relatively lower. So the merchants can get more profits and cost less.

Billboard advertisements:

Ø  Actualities:
F  There are a lot of billboard advertisements about lobsters when the Lobster Festival is coming. The billboards are mainly distributed on the subway stations such as Xujiahui Station.
F  The merchants who advertise lobsters by billboards are mainly electric companies and upscale hotels. 
F  The color of billboards advertising lobsters is bright and patterns are superior in quality, which can attract busy persons’ attention and increase their appetites.
Ø  Analysis:
The billboards on the subway station can be seen by thousands of people every day, and it is the best way to advertise and popularize lobsters. Also, the merchants who advertise lobsters by billboards are often financially strong companies for the expenses are so high that small shopkeepers cannot afford it. Therefore, the merchants advertising lobsters via billboards should take the proper advertising timing into account.

Theme Activities:

Ø  Actualities:
F  Xuyi International Lobster Festival in China has been held from 2001 and it isheld every year.
F  Rocky Liang, Michael Minhong Yu, Faqiang Shang all recommend the book “How to Sell Lobsters” (It is a kind of metaphor but propagandizes lobsters in some way.)
F  4th Hubei Qianjiang Lobster Festival in China has been held on 12th June, 2014.
F  Hefei Lobster Festival in China has been held from 2002 and it is held every year.
F  The participators are mostly manufacturers, vendors and local residents.
Ø  Analysis:
There are some large continuous lobster celebrations in Chinabeing held every year and they have made lobsters more popularization. These celebrations are more promoting the lobster culture and offer time to people for gathering together, which can advertise lobsters and also increase the sales because people in China always have a great meal when they have festivals or parties.Therefore, we can increase the number of lobster festivals and the scale of the celebrations to enhance people’s awareness of lobsters.


The number of lobster sales in China has a profound prospect and the lobster advertising in China is not saturation. Therefore, the merchants can enhance the lobster advertising in China. From the analysis above, digital marketing advertising and billboards advertisements are the better ways to advertise lobsters. Theme activities can improve the local lobsters’ reputation. Television advertisements relatively seem to be a non-ideal way for now.
China is a masculine society now and 23% people in China prefer to surfing on the Internet. Also people in China often entertain guests with lobsters and send lobsters as gifts to friends and colleagues because they believe lobsters are the proper gifts.What’s more, almost a hundred million people go out every day. Therefore, we can put more efforts on advertising lobsters via digital marketing and billboards, and create some new festivals and activities to disseminate the culture of lobsters.

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