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WeChat , a new way to distribute your Product in China

WeChat , a new way to distribute your Product in China

You want to sell in China, WeChat is the New Taobao, and help Brand to sell in China...

China , a Changing Tech Country 

In China, the country's technology giants cut the industry down according to their respective strengths: Tencent claimed gambling and social networking, while Alibaba made e-commerce its a smart way to do Business. explain nic working in Tencent China

But as Tencent's Superapp WeChat is considering the growth of payments and offline services, the company is venturing into the retail business - traditionally Alibaba turf.

WeChat E-Commerce ..

In particular, WeChat mini-programs offer stores new ways to sell products, such as bundles that are facilitated by newsgroups. Integrated within WeChat, the mini-programs are lightweight applications that do not need to be installed, and can range from attraction and food delivery to livestreaming and shopping. And thanks to the massive social network of the app, brands and shops on WeChat can potentially tap into its 980 million monthly active users.
Since their launch last year, 580,000 mini-programs have been launched on WeChat. They have a total of 170 million active users a day, according to Tencent.

“Following WeChat’s big push for mini programs, you can see that more and more stores, brands, and platforms are setting up shop on WeChat, because they benefit from WeChat’s large user base and social sharing functions,” Mo Jia, an analyst at market research firm Canalys, tells Tech in Asia.

Social Commerce in China

Although Tencent's first attempt at e-commerce - an online bazaar called Paipai - was closed in 2015, the Shenzhen-based technology giant remained an active investor, choosing to support e-commerce companies instead of engaging directly. Today, many of these investments have become important e-commerce centers within the WeChat ecosystem.
For example, Pinduoduo, backed by Tencent, has integrated its entire e-commerce platform into WeChat. Start-up benefits from each user's social network by offering discounts for group purchases. A box of diapers can cost US $ 6 if you buy it alone - the price drops to around US $ 4 if you tie up with other friends.

WeChat Advertising & Mini PRogram 

WeChat advertising is pretty expensive and not sure about ROI, you can find a Guide here

You will notice that the mini-programs that suit WeChat [...] will be able to quickly expand their customer base, "said Chen Qi, CEO of online fashion company Meili United Group, at WeChat's annual conference. Monday. For example, group buying and livestreaming - where influential bloggers or celebrities talk about products they like - can bring new traffic, he explained.
Tencent is also an investor in Meili United Group, a company created from the 2016 merger of start-up ecommerce companies Meilishuo and Mogujie. According to Meili, the company has attracted 20 million new customers since the launch of its mini-program last summer

New WeChat plan 2018 

mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Walmart invests $50M in Chinese e-grocer

Dia-Eroski alliance approved | new Aldi mimics the design of Whole Foods Walmart Invests $ 50M in Chinese e-grocery | Spar China grows

Walmart invests $50M in Chinese e-grocer

Cosctutter Shopper First 'brand launches refresh - Major group Costcutter Supermarkets Group symbols, announced a major brand transformation to engage consumers and drive future growth of retail sales, as the title of his "first Shopper program '. New brand package (including a new logo) has been developed from a deep and extensive research and project review to provide better than ever how consumers in shop, and what customers want from their local stores; Costcutter to build its offering with these needs in its core.

Wal-Mart to invest $ 50m in China groceries online Wal-Mart Stores Inc will invest $ 50 million in grocery stores and online firm delivery Chinese New Dada, the US retailer said on Friday, extending its tie-ups with local players online to help boost sales in the second largest economy in the world. Wal-Mart changed its strategy in China earlier this year when it sold its own platform online Yihaodian in exchange for a stake in the giant local e-commerce New Dada Inc. is a joint venture party owned by Investment in New Dada Wal-Mart will target Chinese buyers with faster delivery in a popular market, but highly competitive online store. New Dada has over 25m registered customers and delivers to more than 300 Chinese cities. (Reuters)

Spar China reports strong growth

SPAR China reported a turnover of € 1.9 billion in 2015 results, 6.8% growth yoy. continuous investment not only in the retail trade with 360 stores today, but also provides the expansion of the chain through all the regions in which SPAR trades - Shandong, Guangdong, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, Beijing (city) Sichuan, Henan and Hebei. In China, SPAR operates SPAR Hypermarket, Supermarket SPAR, SPAR neighborhood and SPAR Express formats. SPAR entered Indonesia in 2015 and opened 15 SPAR supermarkets in the first 9 months in partnership with Ramayana. SPAR India reported positive productivity and stores like for like sales with 17 hypermarkets in major cities. SPAR also announced its intention to enter Mongolia and Thailand earlier this year.

Spain CMBC takes no action against Dia and Eroski The competition authority of Spain (CMBC) said it will take any acton against Dia and Eroski to enter a purchasing alliance last year. The two retailers were reported to CNMC by IFLA and Promarca last November about a possible violation of the law of competition advocacy. Specifically, they felt that the alliance between the two retailers would facilitate "price fixing, limitation of investments for innovation or promote the imposition of similar conditions for different services and the subordination of contracts them for accepting payments and trading conditions that are not in accordance with the supply agreements with every distributor. ( Net

herlands: Jumbo invents bus-stop pop-up shop Dutch supermarket Jumbo opened a bus stop pop-up store, temporarily transforming a bus shelter in the Potter Straat in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The project pop-up presents a selection of products, proven favorite purchases with Jumbo customers. Articles can be treated quickly scanned and added to a virtual shopping cart using the - recently upgraded - 'Jumbo app

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The online Clothing distribution Market in China is decreasing

The online distribution Market in China ! 

The clothing online market in China increased by less than 45% in the second quarter of this year, the highest ever downturn, down more than 70% last six months.
JD followed the Alibaba step to explore a custom clothing niche market, apparently preparing for the maturation of online clothing market.

Giants suffer 

It is worth watching to see if the trend of deceleration continues in the next 2 quarters and whether it would affect the revenue and profit of Baba, JD and VIPS. booming online clothing market in China experienced a sharp slowdown in the second quarter. The annual growth rate fell by more than 70% six months ago to a two-year low of less than 45%. If the sharp slowdown continues in the second half of this year, it will have a significant impact on the revenues and profits of the largest online retailers in China Alibaba (NYSE: BABA), Jingdong Mall (NASDAQ: JD) and Vipshop ( NYSE: VIPS).

According to the latest quarterly report by Analysys, China's trade B2C clothing to look for a record 208.9 billion yuan in the second quarter of this year, an increase of 44.7% compared to there a year. It was also higher than the 186.77 billion yuan in the first quarter. Sales figures for the second quarter of each company are higher than the first quarter due to two factors. First, most people buy winter clothes in the fourth quarter, partly to prepare for the Chinese New Year. Secondly, the second quarter is the time to buy summer clothes and spring. To further stimulate this seasonal demand, various e-tailers have organized in recent years, three promotions, namely 19 April, 20 May and June 18. These three days have become "festivals" national and are successful in driving the overall growth of online clothing market.

Online clothing sales growth rate down nearly 30 percentage points

However, sales of Chinese clothing online now experiencing a strong deceleration. The transaction growth rates each year has dropped from a high all-time 72.2% in the fourth quarter of last year, only 44.7% in the second quarter of this year. It was also the growth rate the lowest in the last two years.


dimanche 7 août 2016

China, the third-largest natural gas consumer in the world

China, the third-largest natural gas consumer in the world, is for gas to lower sales prices planning to increase a portion of the expected sector reforms using the cleaner-burning fuel, state media reported.

Fund distribution in China is done through the major banks, insurance companies and asset management firms, which requires building relationships, said UK-based Tonkinson, - See more at:

China, the third-largest natural gas consumer in the world

China has since 2015 already sagging in lifting demand growth for natural gas oriented reform plans to formulate industrial users are among the highest prices paid around the world were threatened Beijing's goals for pollution and emissions by more of the fuel. He Yongjian, deputy head of the planning department of the National Energy Administration, told state media in a weekend seminar which examined the policy to cut the regulated distribution costs for the fuel.

Such a development in the shares performances of city gas companies such as ENN Energy Holdings Ltd. and Shenzhen Gas said industry experts could weigh.

"We are short of natural gas but affordability is also a problem. We will take action to reform the pricing mechanism," he said, quoted by the China National Radio on Monday. Good head and the prices to consumers burdened as petrochemical plants and ceramic manufacturers would be determined by the market, while state-regulated distribution prices would be reduced. "May fall Prices for the distribution and transport of stages. The distribution costs in branch lines are relatively high, and it has pushed the cost to consumers upwards," he was quoted as saying.

can apply controlled Sections on transport fees on pipelines by state giants, mainly PetroChina, industry experts have said.

Under the current mechanism is Beijing, the ceiling on wholesale gas prices through a link on alternative fuels and promotes large consumer prices directly with suppliers such as PetroChina and Sinopec Corp. negotiate

But price adjustments recently made in November 2015 often delayed changes in benchmark fuels, making gas relatively more expensive compared to competing fuels. Demand growth has dropped dramatically over the last two years of the stormy years 2004-2013 to the low single digits, if demand increased fivefold. The provincial government of Guangdong and Zhejiang have earlier this year rolled out pilot projects to distribution costs, state Economic Information Daily reported in June, cut to pave the way for further modernization. China aims by 2020 to increase gas consumption to 360 billion cubic meters, almost double the 2015 level.


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Distribution challenges for 11.11 famous in China

Some data on this great event that shakes the international logistics codes

The very large Chinese distribution network sometimes suffers difficulties when orders are too numerous and particularly during periods of large crowds.
It can be seen that the largest Chinese online vendors will soon provide logistical last cries to allow platforms to meet the demands sometimes exceeding the billion order and orchestrate optimally classical supply chain.

Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings, who recorded this year respectively 278 million and 14 million orders.
When the group in her face a tenfold level control only for the single day of 11 .. and answered by the massive recruitment of nearly 1.7 million people, both in delivery and in the order management in line.

Ben Wang CTO Cainiao has also said. "The massive number of delivery orders generated by this great online shopping event we and our delivery partners really pushes to do our best."

The Alibaba group to give a complete example to over 9 billion of gross merchandise November 11, having for occasion make disappear Radar another commercial scale event (the Cyber Monday in the US) that have generated as compared $ 2.4 billion

The major challenges of delivery orders

The scale problem is the delivery of huge quantities of packages ordered on many e-commerce partners. Deliveries are doing mostly abroad Cainiao the group get many of the support of international distribution partners have established 16 dedicated global delivery routes and 74 warehouses.
The online business model since its advent many adaptations necessity in the area of logistics and transport because it especially found bottlenecks in import gateways of China during these particular periods.
Paul Mad, one of the regional leaders of APL Logistics to further indicated "Millions of small packages to be delivered within a week after that day, and I've seen pictures of the huge pile of packages that are on hold for the delivery » .

Finally to remedy that Beijing has set up temporary storage warehouses and free trade zones expedited clearance in seven Chinese cities for e-commerce.


dimanche 8 novembre 2015

French Wines in China a new eldorado ?

The Chinese seem to have beaten the French at one of their own favorite pastimes - quaffing red wine. China's drinkers repelled 1.86 billion bottles of red wine last year, an increase of 136% over five years, making the country the largest market for red wine. However, some experts say the boom, which led to the increased interest of Chinese buyers in the French vineyards, is more a matter of cultural sensitivities than to taste.

Red color = Lucky 

The color red is considered lucky in China and is also affiliated with the Communist government, while white is associated with death and is mainly seen at the funeral.
France, where consumption of red wine is down, was in second place in this league, followed by Italy, according to latest figures compiled by the London-based company, International Wine and Spirit Research.
The United States remains the largest market in the world for all the colors of wine, said Vinexpo, the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce of the organization that commissioned the study.


"Apart from the health aspect in comparison to the excessive consumption of rice wine, red wine success [in China] is largely the symbolism of color," said a spokesman of Vinexpo. "Red is a very positive color in Chinese culture and is synonymous with wealth, power and luck. In the corporate world these three values ​​are fundamental, so red wine is often found in banquets to seal partnerships. And red is also the color of China ".
Interesting discussion on Facebook 

Do you like French Wine ? If yes please comment... =>And we will invite you to our next Wine Networking
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youngChinaBiz : Unigroup's Micron Bid Dead

The latest pessimistic remarks of the President of Unigroup after a visit to the United States indicates the company has abandoned its bid for Micron, even if it could revive the effort after the presidential elections next year.

Unigroup's Micron Bid Dead

I wrote several weeks ago that an offer by China Unigroup us buy the memory chip giant Micron Technology had become the victim of politics, and now it appears that the case is finally dead. Or at least it is on life support with little hope of resuscitation. That's my interpretation, according to the latest reports say that President Unigroup gave remarks that the pessimistic air after his return to China one last chance to visit us to try to save the deal.
This agreement had the rather interesting look when it was reported in July, and would have been worth some $ 23 billion, marking the largest ever acquisition of a US company by a Chinese counterpart. But political sensitivities quickly surfaced because of the status of Micron as the largest US maker of memory chips used in most electronic devices and also in the defense industry.
The situation was further complicated by the calendar, since the United States is preparing for presidential elections next year and China is often an easy target for would-be attack during this period. As the icing on the cake, Unigroup is stigmatized by its close association with the Tsinghu University, the leading university of science of China, which has close ties with Beijing and is often used for programs conducted by the government to develop new technologies.

American media

Perhaps the American media have already dismissed this particular agreement, since the last reports were made only in Chinese and were based on information from a source familiar with recent trip we Unigroup president Zhao Weiguo second hand. Foreign media said that UniGroup officials were heading to the US to try to salvage a deal, although this is the first report on results.
Zhao cited the latest report saying that ideally Unigroup can still close a deal to buy Micron. But Zhao quickly added that if such an agreement is not made, perhaps the two companies can form a deeper cooperation arrangement that will benefit both parties, forge a new relationship between Chinese businesses and American technology. The report adds that Zhao also met with several US lawmakers on the trip, but it was not more specific.

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